Ride Hire - Arcade Classics- Glass Top
Ride Hire - Arcade Classics- Glass Top
Arcade Classics- Glass Top
Available in
Cape Town
Suitable age
6 Year +
1 Player game: 60 classics include Pacman, Donkey Kong, Pinball action, Frogger, Digdug, Galaga, Bomb Jack: The oldest of old school! This is where arcade games all started! (1 person plays at a time) Compact and perfect on your Table-Top! Dimensions: 45(l) x 25(w) x 20cm(h)
Ever wondered why kids go so crazy about Kiddie Rides? Just consider the following: Unleash the adventurous spirit in a child as they compete in a horse race, ride through the jungle on an Elephant or take a leasurly drive in our Volkswagen Beetle.
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