5 Things to know when ordering Kiddie Rides

Imagine this: you’ve spent weeks planning the party, all the invites are out and people have RSVP’d, the lawn is mowed, food prepped, tables laid out, and the main attraction, the Kiddie Rides, are about to be delivered – the plan is coming together perfectly, until…

Disaster strikes and the rides can’t fit through the door to the back yard, and guests are about to arrive. This happens all-too-often, so we decided to highlight some of the most common mistakes that busy party-planning-parents tend to make, here we go!

Here are the 5 things you need to know when ordering a Kiddie ride

1) Choose age appropriate rides.  Sit-in rides is up to 3 years old (eg- F1) and sit-on rides can be used by children up to 7 years old (eg- horse).
2) The average dimensions are 700cm wide and 1.3 meter long.
3) Access to the property.  The standard rides can fit through a standard size door. The carousel needs wheelchair accessability (no stairs) and needs a 1.3 meter wide clearance.
4) Plug points and extention cords.  The Kiddie ride has a cord that is a meter long. We dont supply extention cords. The train on tracks is battery operated and does not need an plug point.
5) You need to book the rides online https://kiddierides.co.za. The booking will show availability of the ride and secure the ride.