Kiddie Rides was started in the 1960’s and is proud to bring a great product and joy to thousands of children throughout the Western Cape and South Africa since opening. We have a wonderful wide range of locally sourced and imported rides!

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Our business consists of various facets:

1. Coin operation: We provide a kids attraction and draw card to your store. Our products can be seen at various shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants and supermarkets throughout the Western Cape and South Africa, ensuring the promotion of a child friendly and colorful environment.

Research has found that one of the first active purchases a child will make is to choose to ride a Kiddie Ride. The best news for you is that a happy transaction will evoke fond memories of your store and keep the parents and children coming back for more. At Kiddie Rides we are keeping pace with world trends in delivering safe, innovative, quality kiddie rides that add value to their environment.

2. Kids Parties: With the demand for kiddie rides increasing, we expanded into providing a service that brings our kiddie rides into your home environment for kids birthdays and other home functions. The rides are placed on free play which is activated with a push button, conveniently fitted on each ride. This is a huge hit at any kids party..

3. Props for the movie and advertising industry: We have featured in various adverts including ABSA, Volkswagen, Hunters Gold and HTH Pool Cleaner adverts and are also used as props in movies. Pop in and visit us to see if we have a ride that compliments your production.

4. Kids conventions and promotions: We can be found at many of them. Should your convention or promotion need a drawcard for kids and a moment of peace for the parents give us a call to find out how we can help you achieve this.

5. Franchise opportunity for kids parties: Looking for flexibility? Looking to work from home? Looking to earn a good side income? Give us a call. Ever not been appreciated for a service that you provide? We guarantee you that your little customers can’t wait to see you! For more details on how we can help you grow your own small business, give us a call

6. Corporate functions: Ever had a family day and wondered how to keep the kids entertained? We provide a fresh alternative kids amusement that will keep them coming back for more. The rides are fitted with a push button so they can ride as many times as they want. We deliver the rides to your function location…and always with a smile!

7. Charity: If you see a SANCCOB penguin or an NSRI rubber duck out there remember that you are not only bringing joy to your child when they have a ride but also contributing to a great cause.

8. Sales: We have a wide range of kiddie rides for you should you be interested in purchasing. Please look under the sales menu for more detail.